What you should observe while choosing a cleaning service?

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When you look for a cleaning service, there are few points which you have to observe:

Get referrals from family and friends

When you start searching cleaning service for your home or office, asking family and friends who have already hired such a company, could save you a lot of headaches and time. At first, they could advise you where to check, second, they could share their experience. This very important if you like to prevent yourself from unreliable and unprofessional service. And last you will be informed about current prices, seasonal promotions and useful packages.

If you don’t have a chance to ask your family or friends, you could check the Online reviews from previous and current customers of the company. Don`t underestimate the power of the internet and the online community. No reputable business will neglect its presence in social media and searching tools. There you can find the information you need regarding the performance of the company. If there are many complaints of compliments, if the clients are happy or not and what is the attitude of the company towards their customers.

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Easy scheduling

The professional cleaning service should click on the customers’ needs and schedule. All clients have unique preferences depending on their property and time. You may need a company with extended availability or working night shifts. The company should be flexible and responsive enough to meet your needs offering exceptional quality and high standards.

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No doubt you have a strict budget for the cleaning service you choose. Make deep research, compare the prices charged by different cleaning companies and choose the best value for the money. Keep in mind, if a cleaning service is out of your budget and you both cannot negotiate the price, don`t skimp on services or working hours to afford them. Just accept the situation and find another company. On the other hand don`t forget that “Cheap comes out expensive”. Just hire a company which don`t charge extra any fees and their price includes full service with common sense.

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Check how long the company has been existing and how experienced are the employees with the business. Who are their previous and current clients and if they are happy with the service or not. Are company workers skilled and motivated? Do the company treat them as a valuable asset? Workers who are motivated carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively providing better results. Find the answers to all these questions to determine better the quality of the service. Companies with more years of experience tend to be more trustworthy and provide a higher standard of work.

Common sense and attention to detail are also quite important features of a successful cleaning company. One of the main roles of the cleaning staff is to go into people`s houses or offices and make sure everything is clean and tidy. This might include cleaning windows, washing floors, hoovering, cleaning surfaces, etc. Making sure the premises are sparkling and clients are satisfied must be the key tasks of the cleaning service. Even when the room looks clean at a glance, don’t forget that: “The devil is in the details”. It means that when the cleaning service steps in, they must clean the entire space from top to bottom without missing any small nook and crack.

Are they well trained

Before hiring a cleaning company, always check if they train their staff on regular basis. All members of the cleaning crew must be fully trained because the cleaning process is not just about mopping, hoovering, and dusting – it is an actual skill that needs to be learnt. It combines 2 different sciences. On one hand, chemistry- the interaction of cleaning products and on the other mechanics – mechanical action of the cleaning tools on a particular surface under specific conditions. It means trained workers will be more dedicated and efficient in what they do while handling your most valued assets. In such a manner will be prevented any damages due to lack of knowledge about good cleaning practices and safety performance. For all these reasons, it is crucial to hire a cleaning service with trained, skilled and dedicated staff.

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Insurance & Bonding

Ensure your cleaning company has a relevant business license as well as general liability insurance. It protects the business, its personnel and customers from any claims due to theft, injury or damage that occurs in the facility. Besides the liability insurance and license, the reputable cleaning company should have valid bonding. It protects the customers whether the company`s workers damage their facilities or properties. In such wise, any conflicts will be avoided and both sides will be safe and secure.

Service Offers

When searching for a cleaning service, find out if they provide the service you need, because your property category will determine cleaning specifics, staff and supplies needed. Many businesses have particular needs and for this reason, it is important to hire a company which meets all your requirements. Moreover, if your company is under specific law regulations, it is crucial to find a service that fulfills them.

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Do they clean green

Try to choose a cleaning company that can offer eco-friendly service at no additional charge. The usage of green or natural cleaning products will minimize the impact of the harmful chemicals on your health and will save nature. The sustainable approach will help you to make your office or home clean from artificial detergents by turning the place into an environment-friendly area.

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Do they have an account manager

It is very important to have a direct contact with a person who takes care of you and your business. The account manager should be available for all your questions and requirements regarding the service and the cleaning agents. You need to communicate proactively with each other on daily basis and provide him with regular feedback.

Privy could determine that 60-70% of the work with each cleaning company is signified in the daily feedback and communication with its customers. Immediate and quick response, organization, editing or changing schedules. Preparing the property for events, organizing and monitoring of pandemic measures, security issues, etc.

All 10 reasons listed above and many other positive benefits have prompted all customers to seek a recommendation to become part of the Privy family.

Working with Privy is equivalent to that wonderful, kind and warm feeling that you have returned to a safe and cozy place at home.

If you need professional assistance with the cleaning of your home or office, please contact us.