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“Every time we enter a room being greeted by a mess, we tell ourself that this is a room where creation has been inspired!” – K. Staleva

A simple and effective way to enhance the image and reputation of your business and brand is to always maintain a clean commercial space. Having a tidy place of business leaves a great impression on potential clients.

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Great companies invest in their culture. They realise that providing a strong and positive vision, values and beliefs, impact both employee happiness and the bottom line.  And it’s not just a hunch. It is believed that good company culture can increase performance 20 to 30 percent and put a lot of smiles on employees’ faces.

Have you heard the saying: “Madness is next to genius?” Contrary to that is the saying: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

So which side of the spectrum are you on?

Are you the creative, somewhat crazy one that is surrounded by a mad mess? Or are you the organized one with the halo on your head?

Either way,  great things can come from these two personalities. While creatives are busy masterminding the next big thing, the organized ones are running the world they are the conscientious ones making sure everything gets done. Of course, creative people are sometimes messy.

Have you ever painted a picture without making a mess? Or wrote a thesis without letting the rest of your life to wait (including laundry, cleaning dishes etc)?

Let us take care of the mess. While your busy creating.

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One of the marks of good, professional companies is a clean and organised workplace. The professional office cleaning services of Privy Berlin can help you make the right impression on your clients and create a corporate atmosphere conducive for productivity and efficiency.

Why to choose Privy Berlin Cleaning Services

For some companies, keeping the workplace clean may seem easy and uncomplicated, but coupled with the daily operations and responsibilities of the employees, this can add to the duties and stress that your staff may experience.

To allow your employees to focus on their work and be productive and effective, you can entrust keeping your office clean and tidy to reliable office cleaning companies like Privy Berlin.

We will ensure that you and your employees have a neat and organised working space so you can function and assume your roles fully.

Our staff will guarantee that floors, carpets, toilets, lamps, and walls are free from dust and dirt; every desk, tables and all surface is wiped clean and polished; and all office furniture and fixtures are dusted and properly placed.

Whether it is the production area, meeting and conference rooms, or the pantry and kitchen, you can trust Privy cleaners to do a meticulous and speedy job.

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Privy Berlin UG is actively following the Governmental health services protocols and requirements, making sure we keep the Privy community safe and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best

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