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When we step for move in – move out we do clean the entire space from top to bottom. We call it General cleanings.

We always send several team members to make sure of their safety and high performance.

Service includes: Windows cleaning, Kitchen full cleaning including all existing appliances.

Materials – could be provided by the client or by us.

Contracts and bookings for this service are set up only after visit of our agent onsite, because we should be able to identify the issues and surfaces there, to provide and use the proper chemicals and detergents.

We could solve extra issues such as scratches on walls, floor clean with machines, painting, graffiti removal, all need it for returning the property to the Landlord.

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Hiring Privy for this service will lead to exceptional restart in 100% of the cases. We know the law and if we have details for your rental contracts we make sure all is set. Using common sense.

With Privy, we do not ask you to choose what should we clean. Booking us is already a warranty for exceptional final results.

Using common sense and a supervision quality check control after each booking is a must and guarantee for our work.

When moving in- Except the cleaning and setting up of your new office space, we also consider and recommend what else should be done or improved at your old/new property:

  • Furniture assembling;
  • Working with your designer and locating all items where they have been planned;
  • Arranging and setting up working areas, gathering areas and relax zones;
  • Lights;
  • Aircon systems;
  • Flowers placement;
  • Software rooms and storage places;
  • Rearranging and;

Prepared Cleaners

Privy Berlin UG is actively following the Governmental health services protocols and requirements, making sure we keep the Privy community safe and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

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