5 great benefits of spring cleaning

Posted by: Emi Shahova
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The Spring is already here with its flowers blooming and first bird singings. The days are longer, the sun is warmer and the mood is brighter. It is time to welcome the cheerful spirit inside by organizing The Big Spring cleaning. It is more than just tidying up our houses and offices, it is an opportunity to refresh our places and minds enjoying the benefits of our health and wellbeing.

Here we present 5 reasons why Spring cleaning is good for you

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It increases our productivity

Storing large amount of things around you can be distracting and have a negative impact on your focus and productivity. When you are less distracted by the clutter in your ambient, you actually free up mental space that allows you to concentrate more fully on any given tasks. Recent studies showed that the physical clutter in your environment significantly limits the brain`s working mechanisms causing decreased productivity and increased stress. On the other hand, the cleaning process itself can increase the energy levels and improve your mood. To boost your positive vibes, before getting started, you could create a spring-cleaning checklist that will be your guide on what needs to be done and will give you the feeling of satisfaction and control of the situation.

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It is healthy

There are numerous of health benefits that spring cleaning could contribute to you and here we will point out some of them. First, it helps you breath better. If you are prone to any allergies or asthma attacks in the spring season, don’t accuse only the pollens in the air. Take into consideration that dust and pet dander are powerful suffocating triggers, especially in the children. A good spring cleaning is a great opportunity to rid your house or office of any allergy symptoms and breath issues.

Cleaning habits may also lead to better sleep. A special study by the American Academy of Sleep medicine found that people who sleep in messy rooms are more likely to develop sleeping problems and disorders. Clear your clutter, change your sheets and create more calming and comfortable environment for you and your close people.

The Spring cleaning applies not only to your house or office, but for your body too. It`s hard to be happy if you are not healthy. The low energy levels could be caused by the toxins in our bodies and that`s why it is important to detox our systems regularly. Most of the toxins we get come from the food and drinks we take. Therefore we need to accept a new approach to eating at all reducing packed, boxed, canned and sugary foods. The Spring is the best time of the year to begin your healthy diet with more fresh fruits and vegetables rising up your vital spirit to the new potent levels.

More info about body detox here.

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Spring cleaning reduces stress level

Cleaning and organizing your home or office help you enjoy a tidier and more organized environment and this can relieve stress, because cluttered spaces has been linked to higher stress level. The act of cleaning itself has been proven to cut stress and anxiety and is considered to be therapeutic. However, you do need 20 minutes of activity to get these effects. Using cheery smell like lemon – scented cleaning products can help you brighten your mood even more and leaves a positive impression on others.

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Improves your mood

Taking the time to a thorough house or office cleaning and maintain a tidy environment makes people happier according to different social and psychological studies. The act of cleaning provides a sense of satisfaction which could improve your good mood and make you more cheerful and positive. On the flip side, according to a study done at UCLA, “clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self-esteem” due to the high cortisol (stress hormone) levels linked with great volume of objects spread around in the place. It can make us grumpy by sending visual signals that things are not in order, casing sadness, anger and even self-deprecation.

Another positive effect of cleaning is that we will be able to let the past go easier.  People tend to associate and hold some material objects from specific events or people in the past which lost their value and significance. By getting rid of your ex`s old T-shirt, a broken souvenir from your trip to London or a useless gadget gifted you for your 18th birthday, you free space for new beautiful things and throw away a lot of emotional weight that burdens your mind and soul.

And at last but not least, don`t forget to play your favorite tunes while cleaning to make it more fun and easy.

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Makes you active without realizing

Cleaning the house may not be on your regular workout schedule, but it may also be a way for people to get more movement into their day. Also, it is not like the intensive exercises that will make you look like an Instagram superstar, but with all the sweeping, mopping, dusting and scrubbing, you can count on it for a good physical activity that warms you up rising your energy levels. It could burn more than 100 calories an hour, depending on how hard you work and it is a great benefit if you work from home sitting for several hour a day.

Experts found that replacing just 30 sedentary minutes a day with light physical activity- like cleaning- can lower your mortality risk. According to other researchers there is a correlation between physical activity and cleanliness. It is a surprising discovery that the cleaner your home is, the more exercise you do. It is not just simply burning calories, but this relationship could be connected to self-regulation and inspiration. In other words it is the ability to act in a way that drives you towards your goals and you may be able to use it in another area of your life.

Is your home or office ready to be refreshed and rejuvenated?

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