Why professional windows cleaning is so important?

Posted by: Emi Shahova
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Most home and business owners just ignore the value of clean windows, forgetting that they are among the first features that people notice in a building. Yet, here are a few key reasons why hiring professional windows cleaning service can provide your office or home with many fantastic benefits. First of all, they are experienced in this line. Second they can do the job quickly and efficiently. And last but not least they possess the necessary high-pressure equipment or power washing tools that are essential for this work.

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As you can see hiring professionals is just a brilliant idea.

Here are 8 of the most significant reasons why it is important to clean your dirty windows on a regular basis.

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Stop bad air quality

Dirt particles, dust and grime build a smoke film on your windows and sills causing not only dull look, but diminishing air quality. If they are not regularly cleaned, it will lead to severe health threats such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions, skin problems and others.  If you hire a professional window cleaning service, you will not only improve your building`s appearance, but will also help to reduce serious health issues to your family, employees, or yourself.

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Clean windows are an important part of good Feng Shui!

Our windows are considered “the eyes of those living in the home”.  Then they become our vision of the world and how clearly we see life. Dirty windows lead to blurry perceptions. They are also a key letting out bad energy and letting in good one. Washing your windows can make a huge difference to the energy flow of your home/office.

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First impressions

First impressions are crucial for the business. The cleaned windows of your business space can help you improve the overall image of your company. Would you like to walk into a store or office with unclean, filthy windows? Or you would prefer a place with shiny, sparkling windows. Keeping your façade tidy not just makes your facilities look pleasing, but it also allows customers to believe that you respect them as well as your business.


Increase employee productivity

Regularly cleaned windows, not only help you to boost the image of your business, but also help to increase the productivity of your employees. The clean and bright look of your office, will contribute for creating of uncluttered and fresh environment. It encourages the workers to perform in their best potential. Recent studies showed that the physical clutter in your environment significantly limits the brain`s working mechanisms causing decreased productivity and increased stress.

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Clean windows prevent glass degradation

Routine window washing can help to ensure the longevity and performance of your windows. As they collect dirt over the time, which could cause glass degradation, loss of transparency and become spotted with stains. The elements in the environment such as acid rains and hard water can cause a build of debris on your windows, sills and frames. Aside from looking bad, the glass will get damaged due to the presence of pollutants. Then you will have to replace it, which can be an expensive proposition. Regular window cleaning is very important because it helps to remove all contaminants from the glass surfaces. Also keeping them in good condition for longer period.

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Get better view

Clean windows allow natural light to more easily flow into your room. It makes  your house or office looks brighter by emphasizing the colors of the outdoor world. Besides above mentioned positive effects, this enables you to get the much needed vitamin D by exposing your skin to natural light. Much as it is the best the most effective way to get it. In contrast, fluorescent light is typical in many buildings. This type of lighting not only washes out a room, but it also exhibits an atmosphere that is dull, cold and depressing. Allowing the natural light coming inside not only helps to make your home/office looks cozy but it also adds more comfort and makes the room appearing more spacious and attractive. And last but not least, letting the natural light in is a great mood booster, because it makes people more energized and happy.

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Better energy efficiency

In today`s world, everyone is concerned about being energy efficient. We all know that Berlin can be cold during certain months and we should keep on top of mind that dirty windows could affect our home/office heating efficiency, especially if we have dual pane windows. You should take into consideration that excess dirt, grime and general particle on your windows can lower their heating efficiency. The reason is that they reflect sun`s UV rays away and rob your property of the free sun warmth. By cleaning windows on regular basis, you will allow them to work properly and over time you will save money from your energy bills.


Improve your curb appeal

If you plan on selling your building, unclean windows are a turn off for potential buyers. Pristine windows are a sign the place has been well cared for and will affect the curb appeal and interior appearance.