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Privy Berlin UG is actively following the Governmental health services protocols and requirements, making sure we keep the Privy community safe and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As restrictions continue to tide, workplaces will be required to have a COVIDSafe plan which outlines the key actions that are in place to mitigate the introduction and potential impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). One of the key areas that must be addressed in the plan is environmental cleaning.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is predominantly spread by respiratory droplets. Surfaces and belongings can be contaminated when people who are infectious cough or sneeze or touch them. Transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) can occur when someone else then touches the contaminated surface or item. The person may become infected if they touch their nose, eyes or mouth with a contaminated hand or object.

The infection risk from a coronavirus (COVID-19) contaminated environment decreases over time. It is not yet clear at what point there is no risk from the virus, however, studies suggest that in non-healthcare settings the risk of residual infectious virus is likely to be reduced after 48 hours.

Therefore, it is important that workplaces have an environmental cleaning program in place as one key strategy to prevent transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep workers safe.

The importance of cleaning and disinfection

Disinfectants may be inactivated by the presence of organic matter therefore physical cleaning must be undertaken prior to the application of a disinfectant.

  • Cleaning refers to the mechanical action, using a detergent and warm water to remove dirt.
  • Disinfection is the use of disinfectant or OZONE water to kill germs.
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Cleaning service

Privy specialized cleaning service provides steps on the following six pillars of a COVID Safe cleaning program that should be in place at every office or Home space:

  1. Accountability is defined for each role responsible for the cleaning service provision.
  2. Schedules for cleaning set the expected standard and frequency of cleaning, and the roles responsible for delivering the outcomes.
  3. Procedures document cleaning methods appropriate to the workplace, task and level of risk.
  4. Service delivery ensures cleaning supplies are provided and cleaning duties are carried out as documented and trained to perform.
  5. Education and training requirements are stipulated for all staff who have a cleaning, supervision and organising role.
  6. The monitoring program checks that the six pillars are implemented and the standard of cleaning is met.

While Privy is responsible for providing cleaning services, the management of Privy bare the responsibility of an intermediate party, the accountability relating to the cleaning service remains with the business owner, company directors / CEO or board of management.

In our case, Privy General Manager and company owner have dealt with plenty of pandemics and trained in Singapore and Miami with 2 College diplomas in Facility management and sanitary regulations.

A well-defined relationship, with a delineation of roles and responsibilities between our clients and Privy, is an essential component of any constructive working relationship.

Achieving good cleaning outcomes is important to minimise the risks associated with poor cleanings, such as cross-infection, media attention, and occupational health and safety problems.

This is why choosing a cleaning company that cares for your working or living environment is very important.

No matter what level of care you need, as far as it’s based on quality and precision, Privy will handle it with care in detail.

Risk levels from coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you might need:

This is a risk management planning, by describing the processes that should be in place to clean according to the level of risk from coronavirus (COVID-19), now and into the future. This approach allows cleaning services to be scaled according to three levels of risk:

Routine cleaning practices

Business as usual cleaning

Prevent the spread of disease (germs) by maintaining good hygiene, daily disinfection and cleaning as routine practices.

Increased numbers of positive COVID-19
in the community

Preventative cleaning

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the cleaning and disinfection of frequently (high) touched surfaces in high activity areas.

COVID-deep cleaning

Decontamination cleaning

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the areas in the workplace that a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case was identified to have been.

Cleaning staff:

Covid-19 response cleaners poster

Work health and safety induction training for cleaners

Before working on-site to carry out any routine cleaning services, all Privy cleaning operators are given induction training in:


  • Workplace health and safety (WHS)
  • Complete cleaning skills for any site-specific duties.


  • Materials
  • Cleaning technics
  • Surfaces and use of proper materials
  • Personal safety
  • Schedules and organisation
  • Common sense
  • Optimisation and time management
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Following the company plan of cleaning and above every day
  • Providing 100% quality of cleanliness, disinfection and order.
  • Care
  • Hospitality approach and skills

More information on that matter you can find in our Protocols in handling COVID – HERE and HERE

Tips to prevent from Covid-19
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