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Be part of the future and benefit good Health to your teams and Family while protecting the

Privy Berlin Workplace Management is proud to share we started to implement the OZONE water in many properties.

As disinfectants are missing on the markets we found the best alternative possible- Pure water with Ozone. Nature is overcoming the Earth!

Using Ozone water means safe Humans, safe Nature and environment, saving budgets for chemicals, and many more benefits for our clients and team members, Homes, and Families.

Tersano system for full sanitizing.

With Ozone water, Covid 19 is killed in 30 sec. Like many other pathogens. Laboratory tests!

Many Hospitals are using Tersano, and already in Wuhan too!

I am highly recommending them as of saving budgets for standard disinfectants, and some cleaning materials.

In some of our client companies, we already implemented a protocol with the use of backpack spray machines to spray with OZON every night everywhere, in the office.

Spraying with OZONE kills all the bacteria and germs and doesn’t leave any trace.

Chairs, desks, walls, WCs from top to bottom, doors, glasses and windows, sofas, – all can be sprayed with OZONE and will not damage any surfaces.

For the SEOs, individual use, and reception am recommending the small version Tersano IClean mini- it’s fancy and one can have it with them in the office, in a bag until travelling or at home. When a visitor in the office as well.

Another shared practice we are implementing now with other clients: spray bottles with Ozone water to each desk so the people can sanitize all day long around their working space ( some people are afraid to come back to office work….and this is helping them to be calm and safe all day long)

iclean mini

With IClean mini we only need aerosol bottles with OZONE and they are doing the job any time you press the button. Electricity is needed it to recharge the batteries.

Tersano System


I am recommending for big Properties – with 100 and above people to have:
1. OZONE machine – TERSANNO installed in the office for use to the entire office.

@It goes with 2 filters:
– 3000 litters Ozone water stable for 24 hours (our most used)- 1 litter Ozone water costs approximately 0.11 cents /NET 🙂
– 6000 litters Ozone water stable for 4 hours (usually used in Hospitals and properties the cleaning process is continued all day long). 1 litter Ozone water costs approximately 0.078 cents/Net

2. Spray machines for daily sanitizing with OZONE for the entire space and all areas people touch during the day.

Sanitizing after any disease and virus pandemic must continue a minimum of 2-3 months after the outbreak peak.

Pros and cons:

1. An investment that will save you a lot of money for the future.
2. OZONE can be used for cleaning- floors, stairs, doors, windows, desks, chairs, WCS and etc.- saving budgets for a lot of daily used chemicals.
3. Envoirmentaly friendly – nature and human
4. Independence from the market supplying problems and prices speculations
5. Cleaning of the future

1. Refiling the bottles each day!

All supplied from our trusted partner Kenter

If Interested please read our Covid 19 reaction started in February:

Our quick reaction, expertise and professional actions led to NO single case was registered in any of our client offices and their homes. With the help of our guides, and here our clients have always been aware of the measures we are implementing and the most effective methods of prevention they must asap get involved in.

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We truly believe we are offering the services of the Future!

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Stay safe and healthy!
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