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25 May
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What you should observe while choosing a cleaning service?

1. Get referrals from family and friends 2. Check the Online reviews 3. Easy scheduling 4. Cost 5. Experience 6. Trainings 7. Insurance

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27 Apr
Why professional windows cleaning is so important?

Here are a few key reasons why hiring professional windows cleaning service can provide your office or home with many fantastic benefits.

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07 Apr
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5 great benefits of spring cleaning

The Big Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up our houses and offices, it is an opportunity to refresh our places and minds enjoying the benefits of our health and wellbeing.

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18 Mar
when will you return
The Big Return 5 Steps to the normality

After a year of prolonged isolation, starting and stopping lockdowns and unprecedent scare, offices start to open up again and people gradually come back to work. According to the recent researches 3 in 4 workers hope to come back to their offices in close future.

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15 Mar
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5 things to do in your workplace

In order to minimize the risk there are few enhanced safe management practices, which effective implementation will help to avoid the need of more restrictive measures.

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01 Feb
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A Call from Paradise

2020 has been a year of considerable changes for most of the companies. Due to Covid19 expanding, they have to alter their well structured in office working flow into full remote work for the safety of their employees and business.

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08 May
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Cleaning of the Future

If you run an office and you are searching for Cleaning daily help you are at the right place! Choosing a cleaning company is not that simple. Learn more...

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29 Apr
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Disinfectant Alternatives

Meet the cleaning of the Future!!! Be part of the future and benefit good Health to your teams and Family while protecting the Environment!

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