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“I’ve worked with Dina for many years now and always been impressed with the service, attention to detail, and flexibility.   I can’t imagine working with anybody else!”

Alexander Ljung
Founder & Chairman, SoundCloud

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“We work with Dina and her team since 2018 and are very happy with the service provided. After trying out different agencies we finally found a partner who is very flexible to last-minute extra tasks or schedule changes. Furthermore, we do appreciate that Privy is very proactive and offers additional services as for example window cleaning.
We can highly recommend her service.”

Office manager, HVVenture

Privy client Tsvetelina Taseva - Owner & CEO of ACC Ltd

Kostadinka Staleva was a Real Estate Broker /2006-2009/ and Supervisor /2009-2011/ in the biggest Real Estate company in Bulgaria. She has experience and knowledge about working in countries: regulation, real estate market, sales, finance, facilities etc. She is charged with positive energy, enthusiasm and incredible self-motivation even in the most difficult business situations.

Kostadinka is an intelligent, team player and a very nice colleague. She has been a person with a vision and an action plan for every day. She is very positive and easy to work with a colleague. She very quickly identifies the needs of our company and finds the right people.

Her open and friendly nature is definitely another precursor to success. And yet, what impressed me the most was her positive attitude and her charming smile. You can always count on her as a colleague and as a person.

Kostadinka is a person with good ambition, when she takes a commitment she takes it with pride and at any cost, he will make sure to honour it.
I am recommending her service to other people who wish to work with her. She is a detail-oriented professional who provides a high degree of energy, work ethic, and talent to her position.

Kind Regards,
Tsvetelina Taseva

Owner & CEO Owner of ACC Ltd
Advising, Consulting and Coaching

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“I have been using the services of Privy Berlin for several years and am a very happy customer. They are a very professional company with good communication. Replies to my requests and questions over the years have always been quick and helpful.

As I was managing my rental property from abroad, having Dina take care of everything efficiently for me from greeting new tenants, cleaning, laundry, maintenance and even modem problems, has been such an amazing service. There was often a very complex schedule involving several bookings each month and this was all handled smoothly by Dina and her team.

I would highly recommend.”

Katie Allen
Property owner Berlin
UK, Bristol, London

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“Privy made our office alive again. In my career as an office manager and project management in my entire life, I haven’t seen such a devoted team, extremely professional work and full makeover of our office space. Our company of 300 employees and 4000 Sq.m office – SEOs and colleagues are reporting every day how satisfied they are of us changing the cleaning company and taking on board Privy! Everyone is coming to work with great pleasure and no patient to see the office again as from magazine pictures, looking beautiful and shining every day!
Thanks to Dina – Privy owner an absolute professional, her smiley and devoted everyday team! Full cooperation with our Facility manager who now doesn’t have the stress to run the buildings and check for repairs.
Privy is reporting asap and we safe 42% of maintenance run.”

Bethany – Manager

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“After we had taken the decision to change our cleaning company and replace it after many great recommendations with Privy, my SEO came into my office and said: I don’t know where have you found this cleaning company but if we do one wrong step to lose them You are fired!!! Wow!!!
Make sure they have all they need, so we have our office always in the same state. You will be bonused for your good work.
Privy is one of a kind!“

Merry – Office manager

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“Super Professional and helpful and super Recommended, I would give a rate 10/10.
A big thanks to all the team there!”

Company OneFootball

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“Dear Dina,
Thank you so much for your Great work. We are really Grateful to having you.”
– Madeline Marques – Executive Assistant

“Thank you so much for your feedback and your services. We are very happy with your and your team’s work!”
– Sarah Neuenschwander – Executive Assistant

Company Redstone Venture capital

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“My team and I are so happy with Privy. They treat each environment with the utmost care and respect, leaving a spotless and tidy office to come back to. They have an eye for detail and proactively reorganized our office setup so that it would be more welcoming and safe for our employees.
Dina also has expertise on the products to use and anticipated our needs on more than one occasion. Absolutely a pleasure to work together, I can 100% recommend!”.

Eva Casini
Company i2x GmbH

Carrie Hall - Local Guide

“Privy are very responsive and professional, and the cleaning is absolutely top-notch. It is more than cleaning though – they know just how we like the flat and it’s amazing to come home to, all the little details are taken care of and everything is spotless. We have a cat and a baby and they’ve always been respectful of and our cat especially loves her (and he’s very picky!). Payments and communication with Dina are super easy and quick. We feel like part of the Privy family”.

Carrie Hall
Privy Client

Tobias Schmidt - Privy Client

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness.
I’m a happy client of Privy Berlin for many years now. Their cleaning service is of very high quality, super professional, and communication is always fast and helpful. I highly recommend Privy Berlin for personal and office cleaning services!”

Tobias Schmidt
Privy Client

Maximilian Conrad - Privy Client

“Nice Team, good work!”

Maximilian Conrad, Anwaltskanzlei Conrad
Privy Client

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“Great service, top performance, fast and uncomplicated communication and detailed price rating.”

Anil Can
Privy Client

Matthias Rampke - Privy Client

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Professionalism”

Matthias Rampke
Privy Client

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“We always know they understand us, read our intentions, puff the pillows in our resting room, prepare the materials we need for the next day, and so much more… How did they know what we would like to have? They thought exactly as any mom would! Fact!
They are creating a tidy place from the chaos and still, all even small notes are in the same place. How? Any Ideas?”

Dr. G. Mandy
Privy Client

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“There is no better, quality, or satisfying cleaning care I have ever got at home and in our offices. Privy Berlin and their Founder Dina are our Life Fairies.”

Privy Client

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“Privy Berlin team delivers calmness and a greater sense of family security to our office. Absolutely every day!
You can recognize they have been in my gym too. I am happy to be embraced, everywhere I go.”

Privy Client