Workplace Management

Important for our workplace management services. Please be informed – our client’s office managers do not deal with the cleaning and maintenance tasks when Privy steps in their offices. We support our clients and investors with all possible means to get the environment home comfortable to all co-creators of their ideas.


1. Pandemic control and trainings

  • Organization of re-opening your office after Covid 19 lockdown;
  • Disinfection routines for your team members and the cleaning company;
  • Safety of the teams, employees;
  • When registered Covid in the premises, organization of Certified sanitizing companies and care for the entire property;
  • Organizing a vaccination campaign onsite;
  • Organizing PCR testing campaigns or other medical procedures onsite;
  • Daily shifts for disinfection of office spaces;
  • Building up Home office routines and care procedures;
  • Taking care for the office spaces, flowers and utility services, while at the Home office;
  • Cleaning after the end of the pandemic – Graffiti, sprays on floors and walls, glue from signs, etc.
Pandemic control and trainings

2. New branch office set up

  • Contracts with partners- coffee machines, beverages, breakfast fresh-baked bread delivery, water tanks and vending machines, shopping;
  • Setting up contracts with partners – coffee machines, beverages and food delivery, water tanks and vending machines, shopping supplies;
  • Setting up contract with security companies;
  • Hiring interior designers for enhancing the interior of the offices to achieve a healthier and more comfortable environment for the people;
  • Photo shooting of the premises;
  • Providing recommendations for accountants, lawyers, notary, and other partner companies;
  • Taking care of flowers and plants in the office;
  • Office mats and washing;
  • Setting up contracts with insurances companies;
  • Renting, Buying and selling properties;
  • Hiring Hausverwaltung for Investors;
  • All kind of construction work organization;
New brach office set up

3. Code of Conduct and Control

  • Creation of code of conduct for the office Facility management: all steps on your office maintenance;
  • Close communication with the office manager about maintenance, cleaning, office culture, events, preparation, coordination;
  • Training of a current cleaning company;
  • Recruiting office manager;
  • Observation and Fraud control of your office – direct reports to the Investors;
  • Control of usage of materials and stocks;
Code of Conduct and Control

4. Project management

  • Creating a company`s Facility management Department;
  • Recruiting and training employees;
  • Scheduling daily tasks;
  • Control and accountancy;
  • Budgeting;
  • Online and onsite work with the built teams;
  • Supervision and assessment of the working process;
  • Safety procedures- fire, crowd, hygiene, eco-sustainable, first aid, pandemic;
  • Safety working habits;
  • Hospitality communicational skills;
  • Working with eco-sustainable materials and nature-friendly products;
Project management - Building your own company Facility management Department

5. Online managing your workplaces

  • Online manager responsible for the office maintenance;
  • Materials delivery;
  • Using common-sense each day;
  • Close communication and work with the office manager;
  • Setting up schedules and events;
  • Preparation of the spaces before and after events and gatherings;
  • Daily shifts after jam sessions and master cook chefs;
  • Set up of breakfasts;
  • Company apartments set up;
  • Other services according to company needs;
online managing your workplaces - online manager responsible for the office maintenance

6. Supervision of all processes of the workplace

  • Regular visits and recommendations for improving and quality control;

7. Organizing

  • Renovations;
  • Move-in /move out;
  • Transport;
  • Preparation of the space to be returned to the Landlord in perfect condition;

8. Optimization of the work load and budgets in your work place

  • Project management;
  • Projects on optimization, control, training, supervision, observation, improving quality of work as external consultant of the current maintenance companies;
Optimisation of the work load and budgets in your work place - project management

9. Consultation and Maintenance of Co-working spaces

  • • Complete Consultation, building up strategy, control and daily support;
  • • Maintenance, cleaning and repairs;
  • • All mentioned above in our competence;
Consultation and maintenance of Co-working spaces

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