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Property management and cleaning services by Privy Berlin UG. Please read the following so you know what it is like to work with us.
Complaints and reclamations are accepted within 24 hours after each service has been provided.

Contact Us

Fill our request form to receive your free quote from us.  We currently offer services in life management, office and home cleaning, and staff training.

We Will Be In Touch

You will receive a phone call in the next 24 hours, from an account manager to schedule a meeting with you and view your property.


We will send you a customized quote based on the information you have included in the estimate form and viewing of your property.

Meet Our Policies

In your first meeting with our Account manager, we will discuss all topics of great importance for your future satisfaction.

Please be aware we always meet our clients in person before we proceed forward.

Before we get started cleaning your property.  You will need to sign a contract. All contracts are valid for 1 calendar year, with 1 month test period and 1 month cancellation period.

You will receive an invoice once monthly prepaying the booked monthly service you have requested.

  • You can use them for lowing your taxes with up to 20% at your the annual tax declaration if a private person.
  • If you are a company then 100 % can be deducted as an expense of the company for taxes declarations!

We recommend starting with a deep cleaning of your property. We will discuss a suitable time for both parties. Supplies, materials and appliances will be ordered if needed by your account manager on your behalf.

For every regular cleaning contract we create:

  • A regular weekly or monthly cleaning that works for you.
  • Standard of work and safety that will satisfy all your cleaning needs.
  • A set of procedures that ensure the process goes smoothly for all parties.
  • You will also receive reminders for Spring windows cleaning or any necessary actions requested from the maid as maintenance.

Each maid will be trained in:

  • Proper use of all cleaning materials and supplies.

  • Knowledge of how to properly clean all surfaces.

  • Safety procedures and precautions.


Each of our maids is required to be:

  • Be insured and registered.
  • Have cleaning training to make sure to pay special attention to all your details.
  • Have a clean Police record.
  • Possess all documents that are needed to complete the job.
  • Provide a recent photograph, a resume outlining their experience and recommendations from previous employers or clients upon the time of applying for work.

We will make sure all is covered even your maid is on sick leave or vacation.  Any changes will be previously agreed with you! Any requests for maids errands, feedback, changes, service delays or cancelling will need to be discussed with your account manager as soon as possible.

You have several options for purchasing cleaning materials that are needed.

  • Your maid will shop for the supplies and you pay her in cash upon her arrival for your cleaning.  (This is option is available for home cleanings only.)
  • You may also direct order from our delivery company.  You will be directly billed by them.
  • We can also order your cleaning supplies on a monthly basis through our wholesaler.

Prepared Cleaners

Privy Berlin UG is actively following the Governmental health services protocols and requirements, making sure we keep the Privy community safe and slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

For any questions or additional information, please