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If you run an office and you are searching for Cleaning daily help you are in the right place

Choosing a cleaning company is not that simple:

A smart choice is when you look for professionals, choose a team that cares about how the job will be done, using common sense and strict organization and optimization of all processes.

More precisely – Choose a partner!

Our company specialized in commercial cleaning exclusively to IT companies. Venture companies and their investments.

We support our clients and investors with all possible actions to get the environment home comfortable to all co-creators of their ideas.

A team of 50 people, trained and fully devoted to using common sense and deliver the same quality every day.

Our Founder – is a professional with two colleague diplomas In Singapore and Miami with the cruise ship industry. Our abilities are to take care of all kinds and a variety of spaces- hotels, yachts, office spaces, homes and etc.
Since the company establishment in Berlin in 2012, we don’t have a single client to give up and a single person to leave the company. We are a happy mini-society working with happiness and stress- free. Fully flexible and responsive to all needs of our clients.

At our Blog, you can read more of what we do, recommendations and how we managed the Covid19 – we have been a company to react asap, starting from February – professionally as we knew how to deal with diseases- trained from the ships, trained in USPH procedures and all kind of crisis management. We do not have a single COVID case in our office spaces – 15000 sq.m and 2500 people we help daily. We have been working Pro-Bono with many companies during the pandemic only to help people manage their working spaces and save as much as possible lives.

Please be informed – our client’s office managers do not deal with the cleaning and maintenance topic when Privy steps into their office.
We do organize materials delivery, use common sense each day, close communication, and work with the office manager, schedules of event, and set up, preparation of the spaces before and after events and gatherings. Daily shifts after jam sessions and master cook chefs, set up of breakfasts, company apartments set up, and all you might need.

We will be happy to embrace your company in our reality!

Looking forward!
Kind regards!
K.Staleva – Founder Privy


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