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There are numerous of practical steps that employers could take to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in the community and workplace. In order to minimize the risk there are few enhanced safe management practices, which effective implementation will help to avoid the need of more restrictive measures. No matter what type of business you manage, these steps will help you to identify your responsibilities for the workers at your workplace in order to protect their health and safety.

Clarify the rules to your workers

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In this endless ocean of information about Covid 19 coming from TV, Social media, Newspapers etc, people easily loose the point and get more confused about the measures and safety rules that they must keep. A safe workplace is more easily achieved when everyone involved in the working process communicates with each other, discussing and sharing articles from reliable sources. Managers must provide up-to-date information to workers about the measures they are planning to take to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid 19 at workplace. That is the reason why effective health and safety consultation between managers and workers is a must. Moreover people who have been actively involved in safe and healthy decisions show greater awareness and commitment building positive working relationships.

Organize your workplace

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The best scenario is to review your policies and practices enabling all your employees to work from home and train them how to set up their workstations in safe, comfortable and functional way. It includes correct sitting or standing posture, use of adjustable chair, use of external monitor, mouse and keyboard, use of headset when using the desk phone where it is possible and others.

For the employees who are still unable to work from home, the employer should nominate a person or create a special in office team to take care about the infection control. They have to check closely the work environment, identify the potential risk areas and submit a plan to address them. The team/person have to pay special attention to cleaning of high-touch surfaces, keep strict hygiene measures and review existing cleaning protocols to eliminate the risk for health and safety of the workers.

Train your employees

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No matter that the basics of keeping away the spread of Covid 19 in the workplace are well known, designate the members of your infection control team to teach their colleagues the proper procedures. For instance, everybody must be aware of the correct hand washing and cleaning protocols. The employees should observe good personal hygiene, e.g. wash their hands regularly and refrain from touching their faces. They should also keep their workplaces clean and hygienic and all high-touch surfaces and objects need to be wiped with disinfectant regularly. Workers should observe the rules of social distancing, wear masks and cover mouth when sneeze or cough. All sick employees must stay at home, but the company need to take care of the other workers by regular check of temperature and respiratory symptoms. These points seem to be quite straightforward, but people do not always do them enough. Make sure your workers are familiar with hygiene instructions in their daily activities by providing trainings and work in health and safety environment.

Check the measures

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Employers must establish and implement a Safe measures system to provide a safe working environment and minimize the risk of Covid 19 outbreaks. These measures must be valid as a sustainable method as long as necessary. At first detailed monitoring plan need to be created and the members of infection control team should assist in its implementation, coordination and control. Employers must provide them with adequate instructions and necessary information to fulfill their duties properly. The team members and other workers are responsible for identifying relevant risks, recommending and assisting in implementing measures to reduce the risk, conducting inspections and checking and reporting for any non-compliances. But let`s not forget that everybody is responsible for his own safe and health and must keep the basic hygiene and safe norms. If the monitoring plan is working well, it will help you to control the spread of infection and enable you to make further improvements.

Long-term results

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As we all can see the pandemic situation is changing every single day. Business leaders are directly focused on the huge challenges posed by Covid 19. First and foremost employers must be sure that their workers are as safe as possible. They need to start planning for what they will do to ensure business continuity in case the offices are closed for longer period of time and employees should go home office. Employers must take preventive actions to guard against incipient outbreaks at the workplace and set up an evacuation plan for unwell or suspected cases, as well as for the other onsite personnel. A follow up plan must be put in place in the event of confirmed case, including immediate vacate of the affected premises followed by cleaning and disinfection according to the relevant protocol. And at last but not least employers need to create a protocol in place for reopening the workplace after a potential quarantine.

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